Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Brewday - Renegade 12/07/2012

I'm busy preparing everything for the first brewday since the deep clean.

Hot caustic has been through the brewery, the chiller and fermenters. This was followed by a similar clean with PBW and the silicone pipes have been replaced. The temperature controlled fermenting fridge has also been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Today, I've been getting the liquor and water treatment prepared, the malt weighed and milled, ready for a ten gallon brew of a pale ale.

The grist consists of 95% Marris Otter Pale Malt and 5% British Caramalt. Bitterness will come courtesy of home grown Progress and WGV hops, with aroma and flavour coming from American grown Simcoe.  Expected gravity is around 1.042, with 32 units of bitterness.

The old scratched plastic fermenting buckets have been replaced, and with super sanitising and rinsing high on the agenda, I'm hoping for a trouble-free brew.

My homebrew stocks are now non-existent and with this being the last opportunity I have to brew before the annual family vacation, it needs to go well.

Update 12/7: The brewday itself went smoothly and without drama. 10 gallons of wort was collected with the gravity bang on at 1.042. I'll post separately once fermentation is complete, to update on the condition of the beer and whether any infection is determinable.

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