Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Home Brew Review - Best Bitter

This is a recipe I've brewed many times, this incarnation was blogged about here.

It might come over so well on the web but this is a really bright pint. It looks an absolute picture, although the nice head didn’t stay around for long.

Malty, earthy notes dominate the nose. A little disappointing, with the fresh zingyness I was hoping for, curiously absent. I blame the Bobek hop. I used to brew this recipe with Styrian Goldings and it’s definitely not the same.

Likewise with the taste. I find the Bobek quite harsh and grassy. Very different from the Styrians. That said, it’s nicely balanced though, and goes down a treat.

If it wasn’t for my dislike of the late hops, I’d be dead chuffed. It’s a lovely Best Bitter with plenty of potential.

I’ve brewed it again recently, replacing the Bobek with Savinjski. I’ll review that one in a while. For now, I’m going off to have another of these.