Thursday, 25 August 2011

Brewday - Green Bullet Gold 25/08/11

Thursday wasn't quite the pleasurable brewday I had in mind.

The brew went well, it's just that the more enjoyable vision in my head was one of sunshine, peace and quiet from the usual day-to-day, a good deal of drinking and some top music.

What I'd forgotten, was that it was school holidays.

This meant the whole bloody troop were at home. Screaming youngsters, moody teenagers and a tetchy wife. All doing my head in, in some fashion or another, when all I wanted was to have the day to myself.

Anyhow beer was made.

Mashed in at 67C;

Steamy sparge;

Golden wort into the copper;

Chilling and into fermenter #1

Two 5 Gallon fermenters in the fermenting fridge @ 20C

Golden wort, OG 1038

I'm planning to brew again in a couple of weeks. Something a bit stronger and darker. And I'll make sure the house is empty.


  1. We use Green Bullet at work a lot but never when I was at Daleside. It's one of those hops I've grown to like.

  2. Cheers Michael.

    This is the first time I've brewed with them Rob. I'm looking forward to the end product.

  3. How long do you circulate to get that kind of clarity? Looks beautiful.

  4. Hi Mark. That wort in the trial jar isn't from the mash, it's post-boil and chilled, taken just prior to pitching the yeast.

    I tend not to bother recirculating to any great degree. I return the first couple of pints into the mash tun and then pump straight into the copper while fly sparging.

  5. Hello. Your homebrew setup looks amazing. Jealous.

  6. Hello, whats the recipe for this ale?

  7. @ Anonymous - this is a recipe from a friend of mine. It's a commercial beer, so I can't disclose the details. I'll be brewing again soon and will show full recipes for the others.