Thursday, 11 October 2012

Brewday - Agent Orange 11/10/2012

Agent Orange? Strange name, but it's not mine. This is a beer brewed by a friend of mine and whenever I get a taster, I'm always impressed, so I thought it was time to brew it myself.

I was due to work today, but due to the racecourse being under water following a recent deluge of rain, the meeting has been abandoned. It's raining here too, so there's not much I could be getting on with, so a brewday seemed the obvious solution.

The beer's a strong one by my standards. As the recipe's not mine I shan't reproduce it in full detail here, but it's very American with a heavy use of Centennial, Columbus and Citra hops. The grist is made up with a mix of pale malt, caramalt, carared, plus some wheat, to give a target OG of 1.072

To ensure I can get all the malt in the mash tun, I'm only doing half my usual batch, so 5 imperial gallons. This will be destined for the bottle and will hopefully in good shape come Christmas.

Agent Orange


  1. Agent Orange - strange name - OK - but here is the story. I wanted to make a bright orange beer, so with beer being yellow, add red (carared) and should get orange, although yours is a much nicer orange than mine! It's got a lot of American hops, so I called it Agent Orange (Agent Orange was the herbicide the Americans used for deforestation in Vietnam). Probably not a good name for a beer, but seemed pretty cool at the birth.


  2. Thanks John. Didn't realise I was brewing herbicide! As for the colour, I always find it looks different in the trial jar, to the final product. I'll bring you a bottle once it's all done and dusted. Currently dry hopping.