Thursday, 24 November 2011

Brewday - Black Moon Stout 25/11/2011

I've just finished crushing the malt in preparation for tomorrow's brew.

An oatmeal stout is not a style I've attempted before, but after some recipe searching on the internet and having looked at the malts I had in stock, the grist for this one is made up as follows;

Pale Malt 8400g (80.3%)
Chocolate Malt 550g (5.3%)
Oats (lightly toasted) 500g (4.8%)
Crystal Malt 400g (3.8%)
Carahell 400g (3.8%)
Roasted Barley 210g (2%)

Target gravity is 1.048 and it's to be hopped with Whitbread Goldings to 32.5 IBU's

I intend to add two split vanilla pods at switch-off and leave these to infuse for 40mins before cooling.

As usual, the 10 gallon batch will be split between two fermenters; 1. So they fit in my fermenting fridge and 2. So I can add some toasted coconut to just one. I'm pretty sure the vanilla will work well, but I didn't want the coconut to ruin the complete batch.

Update: A very straightforward brewday with just the single hop addition. Everything was trouble-free, although I'm not sure I'd recommend adding the coconut in the FV as it floated - whether it will sink as it absorbs the wort remains to be seen, so racking might be tricky when the time comes. I wasn't getting much vanilla taste from the wort either, but I'll reserve judgement until it's ready to drink.

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  1. I just read the ingredients and cannot express how much I miss beer. I'm going to go cry into my crappy brewed sorghum.