Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Impromptu Brewday

I know there's only just over a fortnight to Christmas, but I've decided to squeeze in a small brew which will hopefully be ready in time.

With the harshness of the Bobek hops dominating my last two pale ales, I thought I'd like something in reserve that wouldn't put off the non-ale drinkers who might frequent our humble abode over the festive season.

So I've decided to do half a batch (40 pints) of a very simple ale. Very nearly all pale malt with just handful, or two, of torrified wheat to help the head retention and just a single hop; Cascade.

To get it ready in time it needs to be lowish gravity, so I'll aim at something like 1.040 and use a fast acting, flocculant yeast, like S-04.

With colder weather forecast in these parts, there's a chance the outside water supply might freeze at some time between now and Christmas, so I reckon it's a good idea to get a brew on while the going's good.

Like I need an excuse.

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