Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hop Harvest

Last week saw the harvest of my homegrown hops.

Although it's not been a good growing year in general, the hops have done okay, especially the Bramling Cross.

Harvest Time

They've been picked, dried, vacuum packed and frozen. All that's left is to use them in a brew and I've decided to use them in a single hop, English IPA, with additions at three stages during the boil, plus some more at switch-off. As usual, my ten gallon batch will be split into two fermenters and it's my intention to dry hop one of them. 

Hopefully I'll be left in no doubt as to the attributes of the variety after that lot and it will be interesting to compare the dry-hopped and regular versions side-by-side. I've pencilled in the brewday for next Tuesday.

I did also harvest some Target hops, but only about 300g dried weight. I think I'll dig these up in the winter (they've never done nearly so well as the Bramling Cross), and try a different variety. I'm thinking WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety), but I'll see how it goes nearer the time, after assessing how easy it is to remove all of the existing Target roots.

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