Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Casks

The wife took the hint and bought me a lovely pair of casks for Christmas.

Okay, technically they're pins (4.5 gallon) and they're not a lovely colour, but they will enable me to produce proper cask conditioned ale.

Until now I've either bottled or kegged, so I'm looking forward to using these. I recently knocked up a winter ale (not yet blogged about) which will be the first brew to be cask conditioned. The grist was made up of pale, crystal, chocolate and wheat malts with a touch of roasted barley. Hops were Challenger and Goldings plus a few Cascade at the death.

Today I've added auxillary finings and will cool the beer to around 5C for 4 days. I'll then rack into the cask with isinglass. It promises to be a belter.

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