Friday, 27 January 2012

Bristol Beer Factory Homebrew Challenge

I did promise to review some of my recent brews but I’m holding fire for a couple of days while I sort out something to improve the look of the posts. You’ll understand when the time comes.

The general upshot is they are nice drinkable beers, but the trouble is, I’m quite a difficult dog to please. None of them stand out as anything special in my mind.

As such, I’m rather short-handed for an up-coming competition. I only found out via Twitter the other day about the local homebrew challenge organised by the Bristol Beer Factory. Entries need to be submitted by March 16th and with little of note in stock, that doesn’t leave much time to sort something out.

There’s a chance the latest incarnation of my Best Bitter might be good, though.

Early tastings from the FV are most encouraging. The downside, however, is that it is just a standard English bitter. The guys at the Bristol Beer Factory knock out some stunning beers and tend to be quite innovative. I’m not convinced my bottle of best will be what they are looking for.  

Probably the only option open to me, if I do wish to enter, is to brew something new. While I don’t wish to brew something just for the sake of it, there are a number of brews that need to be considered for my local brew club, so if I can nail one of those, I can kill two birds with one stone.

Perhaps I’ll have a crack at a brown ale. American style. 

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